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Welcome to Volatile!

Volatile is whatever you want in a guild.  You have the power to initiate groups for dungeons or events, organize raids, make pre-mades for PvP, or just level your favorite class or all classes.  We are easy going, friendly, and helpful.  Everyone in the guild has the ability to invite others to the guild, and we encourage you to meet new people and have friends join.

Currently we are level 12 with planar/money/plaque perks, as well as raid and PvP perks.  We have a two vault guild bank and we are saving for a third.  We also have a Ventrilo server for everything from chatting to organizing events and initiating guild discussions.

The guild organization is; there is one leader, Almighty, and one elder, Rollins.  There are officers as well so there will be someone available at all times to answer questions or help with any issues that may arise.  You can view the roster in game or on the website (which will be updated periodically) to see what everyone's rank is within the guild.

The guild is run as a simple democracy, most important issues will be put to a casual vote.  If you feel strongly about an issue or have an opinion that you feel needs to be heard please let us know.

Please take a moment to review our guild rules.  There are very few rules, but they are important.  You can locate them on the right side of the website's homepage.

Guild News

Wednesday Night Fights!

AlmightyVolatile, Aug 7, 11 4:42 PM.
Wednesday Night is Expert Rift Night!
Keep an eye on the calendar for other upcoming events.  Next up: T1+T2 Night!

Help Us Grow!

AlmightyVolatile, Jul 12, 11 7:31 PM.
Everyone in the guild has the ability to invite others to the guild, please feel free to do so!  Spread the word, invite your friends, if you have fun playing with someone, invite them!
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